It’s so wonderful to be calm.  We love it, don’t we?  Even the most hyper of us love the feeling of calm.


In our busy world, calm seems to be at a premium.  If our cell phones aren’t ringing or vibrating, someone is honking at us.  At work, emails come in fast and furious, the phones ring, people “drop by” to talk, someone asks for help, and we run to the gym at lunch hour where the machines whirl, bang and people grunt and fret – oh, no, another pound!

How can we stay calm when from the time the alarm clock rings, we are surrounded by noise, demands and schedules?

Here are a few ways to help you “sneak in” some calm into your day, every day:

  1. Breathe:  On your computer, set an automatic reminder every hour on the hour, to take 10 deep breaths.  It’s a quick way to make sure the anxiety and stress doesn’t build up to a peak by the end of the day. Breath in down to your belly and breath out to empty your lungs.

  2. Stretch: Put another reminder on your computer every hour or hour and a half, to stretch your body.  Stress builds up in the body and stretching for 5 minutes several times a day can release your body from the tightness which can build up.

  3. Nature: Every single day, even if it is only for 15 minutes, go outside, smile at a dog, watch the wind in the trees – get back to nature somehow.  We’re indoors a lot and just that fact alone can start making us feel like a caged animal.  Free yourself, go outside, appreciate a flower!

  4. Gadget: Invest $10 in a stress squeeze ball and take it to meetings with you.  When you start feeling any negative feeling, squeeze the hell out of it!  You’ll feel better and stay in control of your feelings.

  5. The Written Word: Write down everything that is whirling around in your head.  It clears the brain and releases the emotion associated with them.

  6. Sleep: Schedule the sleep you need – all of it!  Sleep should be the most important part of your schedule.  Without sleep, all your activities take longer and your emotions are closer to the surface. You can waste a lot of time trying to get yourself to “wake up” or “energized”.  Use that time to sleep instead!

Calm is good!  Calm makes your day go much better even if someone screams at you for no reason!  Calm is a good habit to cultivate for the enormous benefits it gives us!

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Lorraine Arams

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