What are the Three Most Universally Appreciated Words in the World?

giftThree Most Important Words Universally

When we speak of time, we often use the expression “take the time”. Here is one case in which taking the time offers huge returns consistently.

Where Should We Use These Words?

All over the world, no matter the nationality or the social standard, there are three words which are very much appreciated whether they be spoken when someone renders you a service or provides a necessary product.  No matter what job you have, when you hear those words, they lift your spirits and connect you faster with those around you than any other factor known to mankind.  Poor, homeless, rich, middle class – no matter where you are in the spectrum of lifestyles, it feels good to hear them from someone else.

No matter where you are – office building, subway, doctor’s office, on the street or at a picnic, use them sincerely.  They generate a good feeling amongst those around you.

When Should You Use Them?

Take the time to use these words sincerely often wherever you are connecting with whomever delegating or requesting a favor or getting service.  Always use them and you’ll be amazed at the reaction.

Whenever you use them, it shows a willingness to acknowledge the presence of another human being.  You dignify your interaction.

If you’re in the office and asking your secretary to create a document for you, it’ll be done much better rather than commanding “do this”.  In the store, say when asking for information, in a restaurant receiving service, at the post office buying a stamp, in the grocery store picking up milk  and at home, with your partner or children.

It’s one of the very best habits you can take with you all over the world.  They are the most universally appreciated words in the world.  We might even have more peace in the world if people took the time more often to say them.

What are they?

Please and Thank You

Think about it.  Actually, do something better – use it all the time for a month and see what happens in your world.  The results might astonish you!

Lorraine Arams

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