People seem to have trouble differentiating between when to be diplomatic & tactful and when to be clear.  

Clarity saves everyone time and energy.

Received a  message  while I was doing some work online in eBay and  I have no idea what the message said because it was as clear as mud.  They wouldn’t allow me to list an item – why I don’t know – it was perfectly legal and within the guidelines.  They allowed me to save it so I can list it later.  ‘

The message was trying to be diplomatic about something but it behooves me to know why.  This was a time for clarity. Something such as:  ” We are stopping this listing from going through because there are too many listings in that category” would have given me the reason and then I could either contact them to talk about it or not.  I still have no idea why they stopped that listing and yet allowed me to continue putting up more, actually, several more listings.

What was I trying to list?  A glass bird paperweight –

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