What do you do with your Wednesdays?

What do you do with your Wednesdays?  Lots of people think about the “dreaded Mondays” or the “Thank goodness it’s Friday” days, but, have you ever thought how wonderful Wednesdays are?

It’s the middle of the week – 2 days of your work week have already gone by and only 2 more to go before the week-end.  It’s kind of a happy day, isn’t it?

It’s also a wonderful day to use as your gauge. 

  • How many things have you got done you had planned on doing?
  • What are your successes this week so far?
  • How much more is there to do this week?  Will you get it all done or will you need to reschedule some of the things you had planned for this week?
  • How are you planning to spend your week-end – 2 whole days to do everything you want or need to do?  Some fun?  Some chores?  Some friends time?  Some family time?
  • How about taking a extra five minutes to appreciate what you’ve already accomplished this week and gratitude for all that you have?

Wednesday is a wonderful day – I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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