What can you do this week-end to inspire your work next week

Fun - it's inspirational!

What can you do this week-end to inspired your work next week? 

Everything but work!  

Yes, it’s that simple.  When you constantly work – week days and week-ends, your brain hasn’t the time to “look” elsewhere for inspiration.

Being inspired is a mysterious human experience.  You’d think that the more you worked, the more inspired you’d become.  Actually, it’s partially true.  if you are the inventor type – because every time something doesn’t work, you try another way.   But . . . did you ever notice that when you read about famous inventors they loved to walk?  Why walking?  It’s the shortcut to inspiration – your body is moving so the blood is circulating better.  Your eyes see different things in the environment – trees, grass, leaves, animals, new people, new things, growth and decay, clouds, and a host of other distractions which allow the brain to “rest” from the “processing” of the issue you are currently working on.  And so it goes if you distract the brain through sport or socializing or reading novels or involving yourself with your community.

This week-end – do everything but work – and you’ll find that by Sunday night or Monday morning, you’ll feel rejuvenated, fresh and inspired to make it a great work week – accomplishments, meeting deadlines, getting new ideas and meeting the expectations of your job effortlessly – you’ll be inspired! 

Try it – you might like it!

Lorraine Arams
try some new goals too a new way –

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