It's driving me crazy!

It's driving me crazy!

How often to you feel this way when someone says to you, “but that’s so easy, I don’t understand why it’s hard for you!”

And then you feel like this little chicken!!!  Wild!!! 

When you know how, it all works – easily but when you’re learning, it’s a whole other ballgame! 

What someone can do in a few minutes, can take you hours – why?  Usually because the person who knows how to do it misses one small detail in passing on the knowledge so you struggle and struggle, ask questions but you don’t know what you are really suppose to ask, you get frustrated and the person showing you gets frustrated and  . . . . . it’s a disaster!

Take a break!  You’ll be wasting a lot of time trying to listen or trying to do something when you are frustrated!  Go for a walk – “refresh” the brain – and now, sanely, calmly, if the “teacher” is still around, go through the entire process, step by step, (yes painstakingly) – cover every single inch and write each step down.  You’ll see eventually the step you missed.  Then you’ll wonder why you found it so frustrating in the first place! 

It saves a lot of time not to get frustrated in the first place.  Use the technique of writing down the steps, in detail, the first time around.  Your nerves will thank you, your teacher will thank you and you’ll be able to better use that time somewhere else!

By the way, this little chicken does a happy dance!  Hope this tip has you dancing too!


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