NEWSPAPER CUT OUTHoroscopes are generally positive – they’ll never tell you something horrible – so it’s a good way to start a day – with something positive about what could potentially happen.  Are they generalized?  Yes, of course.  Are they always relevant to your life?  No. 

Yes, I know  – a lot of people think this is hocus pocus.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Astrologers have been hired by heads of state, film stars, VIPs and a host other people.  Are they predictions of what is to be or only warnings of what might happen if you don’t pay attention?

Who knows and who cares – what I can say about reading your horoscope every day is that it often has good news for me or makes me think about something – either way, it’s a positive – and what a great way to start the day – on a positive note!  


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