Can it get worse? Can it get better? What do You Want to Believe?

treasure mapCan it get worse?

Can it get better?

What do you want to believe?

There are lots of reasons to think either way.

Life is about creating your best life.

Your best life is built on deciding what you want, taking care of yourself and living every day in pursuit of the right life for you.

You can live a life of misery complaining about everything,  angry at everyone and nothing is ever satisfactory no matter how wonderful.  Seeking to identify  “what’s bad” about everything and everyone gets you nowhere.

“Woe is me” will never ever get you to move forward.  It will keep you stuck in the past.

On the other side of the coin . . . .

“The world is a wonderful place.  I love everything and everybody.”  will keep you stuck in la-la land!  This is not positive.  It’s just another extreme.

What’s the real deal?  Where should you spend your time?

Creating the life you want.  Look at the pros and cons – decide on a plan of action and move on it.  The first few things you do might be totally wrong but you’ll be able to correct and keep moving.  If you really, really want the thing you’re after then never, ever give up.  It means that when you meet obstacles, find ways to go around, over, through or under them.  Ask people questions.  Today, it’s so easy – get on a forum and ask questions – observe – listen – contribute.

What will you find?

Fun!  You’ll have fun getting to where you want to go.  You’ll find life rewarding.  You’ll find excitement and understand there will be problems.  Using your creativity to overcome issues generates high levels of energy and connecting with others who can help you.  Let life enter your life and you’ll see how getting what you want may not be a straight road but an adventure!  Believe that your life will always get better no matter the obstacles – the stronger the winds, the stronger the tree!

Lorraine Arams




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