I love the holiday season – all of it!!!  The decorations, the spirit of it all, the parties, choosing gifts, and the sheer madness of it all!  I love it!

The big BUT here is that I learned a long time ago to pace myself during this time because I’m just like a little kid – I want to stay up late, see Santa and play!!!  Well, that’s good except that around this time of the year, you need to take care of yourself really, really well otherwise you’ll be pulled into so many directions, you’ll be “wasted” by the time Christmas day comes! 

Have a big calendar on your wall for November and December with big boxes and put in there all the events and things you need to do before Christmas day.  It’s the only way.  Why?  Because if you use your regular calendar only, you might just miss something and this is especially true if have a partner or spouse and/or children.  You all need to know what’s going on so you don’t double book yourself and you take the time to enjoy the great activities that come with the holidays – home decorating – baking cookies – inviting friends and family for get togethers – tobaganing – skiing – shopping – charitable events –

And at this time of the year especially, say no – you can’t do it all!  And you will need to say no to some of the things to do – if some of the things can be done after the Christmas day like seeing the lights of the town, then pencil those in for later. 

Most importantly – exercise, get your sleep, eat properly most of the time! and take care to monitor your stress levels – cut back when you find yourself rushing and out of breath!

Enjoy the holidays – love them – and be thankful for all that there is!

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